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shiny as dog’s balls*

Our wooden floors in bedrooms and the hallway had so many layers of ugly brownish paint on them, we didn’t expect much from them. It was hard to find contractor that would agree to this job. Nowadays they have expensive machines that are capable only of peeling of one old lacquer layer. Parquet in the living room seemed fine, but it was darker by the balcony door so we weren’t sure if it isn’t rotten.

At last we found an old guy with very old machine, that took very little money and scraped the shit out of those floors.

I turned out that the wood is awesome! Planks are high quality, thick pine wood. Some are quite wide and have interesting knots.

Then it was time for painting it with lacqer. And oh boy did it smell. But when we saw the result… The jaws were dropped.

Only the hallway planks were rotten near the bathroom, so we had them replaced and decided not to put lacquer on, but paint with some color so that no differences in wood color could be seen. We picked Tikkurila floor paint in 2107 color. Well, it was RAL 5007 actually. But the result isn’t pure 5007 and it also faded with time. Anyways, it is temporary solution before we manage to save some serious money for cement tiles.

*there is a saying in my country if something is sooo shiny.

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