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3,5 square meter fully functional bathroom, hmm

Actually, after remodeling, the bathroom floor area shrank to 2,2 m2. Still, I find it fully functional and big enough for three people using it at once. It has this narrow (126cm), rectangular shape. At the end of it I planned a shower. No bathtub was ever considered, we don’t like to soak, also there’s no place for any bathtub. Room is small, so white Grespania Finlandia Bianco tiles in glossy finish give it spatial feeling. Floor and countertop tiles are NowaGala Signum in SG13 color.

Every element in the bathroom had to be perfectly measured so that everything would fit in. Shower tray had to be rectangular and possibly narrower than typical trays. So my minimum measurements were: tray 70cm wide, washing machine 40×60, chest of drawers under the counter 100cm wide and the shower door maximum 80cm. I found a tray of 70x100cm by Poolspa. There are no longer trays available, so a little shelf for cosmetics was made.

Shower is separated by thin wall and pivot door. Little revision hole was necessary in case of siphon breakdown.

The counter would take the whole length of bathroom. Here are some electrical and plumbing connections.

Water duct was enclosed in gypsum cardboard wall with revision door for water counter. It had to be the same depth as counter and shower wall. On the left you can see heater connections.

Walls were so crooked, we had to put some GC boards to make them more even. I also had a suspended ceiling done for better temperature conditions.

The ceiling got three little spotlights and ventilation hole. Over the counter I had three minimalistic wall washers mounted. They are Markslojd Mellerud in stainless steel.

Heater is located left to the entrance. I wish I had picked bigger one, because bathroom wall is by lightwell and it is a little bit too cold in the winter.

Washbasin faucet is Oras il Bagno Alessi with bidetta shower hand, that I mentioned before. Washbasin is Roca Diverta. The counter had to be on high level due to the washing machine so this washbasin is a little bit too high. We got used to it’s height, but some short people found it too high to wash their hands comfortably.

Just over the counter I have four electrical sockets and switch for wallwashers. One might ask why so many? Yet there are times that every one is in use. Hairdryer, hair straightener, electric shaver. One of sockets had to be rotated 90 degrees in order to my husbands hair shaver could fit in. Rotating it wasn’t very easy and I did it by myself as he lost his patience at some point. I only regret that there are no light switches with frames as thick sockets’. But sockets are waterproof and Schenker doesn’t make waterproof light switches.

The washing machine outlet is under the counter. I like my Siemens washer. Many functions, compact size, quiet work. It only annoys us after it is done with whiny sounds; beeep beeep beeep, lol. Sometimes I shout “somebody pacify that whining bitch!”

Our IKEA’S GODMORGON bathroom cabinet with drawers is big enough to contain my excessive amounts of cosmetics. It is solid and wooden inside with glossy chest fronts that resemble my wall tiles.

The shower pipe is by Hansgrohe Croma 100. Showerhead gives awesome rain feeling. Handshower has four presets of diameter and pressure. Faucet isn’t very complicated in use but sometimes we have to instruct our guests as well.

Last but not least, the huge mirror that fills the space between water duct and shower wall. After it was installed, the room gained a lot of space. Now it is possible for three people to stand by the counter and do their make-up/hair.

I like the monochromatic look of my bathroom. Nonetheless, I tend to change colors of towels and shower rug every week. It is small and simple, but requires a lot of cleaning discipline. I try to keep the counter empty and all of the cosmetics in the drawers. But it takes 10 seconds to fill it with clothes, hair appliances, bottles and used q-tips. Chaos is hard to fight, however empty counter gives more spatial feeling to this tiny room so we all try to hide stuff in.

Here are some more pictures. It is extremely hard to capture a photo with good angle.

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