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grey area

Painting our bedroom was a in-between job. We were painting it while travelling back and forth to my mum’s house because it was too cold by night to sleep over at our place. By day it was sunny though and nice so the job took two layers in two days.

I longed for monochromatic bedroom for years. Grey walls, white furniture and linen. Everybody told us not to pick that darker grey tone from Dulux palette, but I wanted it dark for better contrast. And the room is quite big and bright (southern exposition) so it didn’t turn out too dark. I still need to put some stuff on the walls and new chandelier.

The background for the old radiator was left white for the contrast purpose. The steel still (sic!) had to wait for some silver paint and white pedestal. You can also see some heat gun testing on the door frame here.

We even mounted our new oak table to eat like normal people. But the bedroom window sill was our kitchen counter for a while.

As you can see there are no baseboards. We lived without them for half a year. Now they’re present, tall and white.

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