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welcome, do you fit in our door?

Our tenement has some nice art deco details in the hallway. Brick-colored cement tiles, stucco, railings and entrance doors to apartments. Not every one of them has the original double wings door though. After learning that a new door duplicate would make us bankrupt, we decided to renovate.

We were inspired by apartments’ doors downstairs. Their owners had some ideas we copied. First, I had to get rid of the transparency and those freaky yellow curtains. I covered the glass on the outside with thin plywood.

Then, we scraped off the old paint. It took us forever and we regretted not having bought any heat gun. Good thing we had sanding wheel on our drill tool.

On the inside, there were steel bars that we removed.

Middle part had some free space that we filled in with some Styrofoam for insulation.

Final step was applying simple, white furniture board on the inside. That was the simplest and cheapest thing we could think of. Wings were in much worse shape on the inside than on the outside. Boards turned out well, clean and modern. Because we increased the depth of door wing, we had to remove plaster from door side. Wings would now open freely and for some time we had bricks visible and ready for thinner layer of plaster.

That’s how it looked for almost three years until the second phase of renovation. Now, our hallway has new plaster on walls, so the door also looks much better.

As you may noticed, there’s a little storage closet above the door. We painted it white and keep our DIY tools there. It is not very handy because it is hard to reach.

We painted the outside with Dulux acrylic paint, but the tint didn’t turn out as I wanted. It was too burgundy and not brown enough.

Door is old and crooked. In winter slots let in a lot of cold air. We fixed it with some brown seals and gray, thick felt

Since march 2010, until recently, we had this burgundy color on. On one may weekend, I had some free time and quickly painted the whole thing in one day. I like the new color much better. And that cable? It is the TV cable that we never installed :)

The only thing left for me to do is to connect one of those art deco, brass door handles with some modern one and mount it. Retro out and modern in. I need to find a good locksmith or an ironworker… Now I only have original brass handle mounted.

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