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omigod, the drama leak

Not everything goes smooth while renovating such an old apartment. It occurred that one water pipe was terribly corroded. I didn’t want to interfere with common sewage system and cause troubles to my neighbors, but some adjustments were necessary. It was also a pain, because my bathroom was almost ready, tiled and fittings mounted…

Back then I was terrified. That one phone call from downstairs neighbor made me so nervous I had to cancel all my work plans that day. I came to the construction site prepared for a reprimand, but they were quite understanding.

It all turned out to be one sewage pipe from the bathroom that gathered used water from washbasin, washing machine and shower. It has a connection to main, wider pipe in downstairs apartment. I was so sorry to insert my messy renovation to their home, but we had to cut a little hole in their suspended cardboard ceiling and had to replace the whole pipe. And it was steel eaten by rust. No use at all. Then our contractor sealed that little hole and I especially asked him to be very careful and accurate with the job. In the end, there was no sign of any intervention.

Here is a photo of how it looked like on our floor. I had one tile removed and all the plumbing re-done.

All in all I was so stressed back then about my new neighbors, I didn’t want to spoil our relationship at the beginning. Especially that I never had any good experience with any of my previous neighbors. Well, my tenement is quite special, with people living there. There are some black sheep, but mostly those people are in agreement and mutual liking. It is crucial because together we can do some constructive things to the building.

I still have good relationship with downstairs neighbors. They gave me some plants watering jobs and in return they collect my packages from couriers when I’m at work. Also I think they might like my engagement in the building renovation/insulation process. I try to speed things up at our administrator, attend community meetings and use some of my professional skills to verify the quality of the building permit design that our manager has had made for us.

Who knows, maybe without that rusty pipe I wouldn’t involve so much, but it is all for the best. I always say that the more disasters before the party, the better the party.

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