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electricity, gas, water and of course the internet connection

When we arrived from our vacation, the walls had new electrical cables in.

When we bought the apartment, there was no power. Owner terminated the contract with current provider. Contractors broke the seal and launched the timer. The power was back on and we were ready to bring some more contractors.

I signed up new contracts with gas and current providers. Then I visited building administrators and signed a contract with them too. They take care of tenement maintenance and account for the costs of water, garbage collection and  staircase cleaning.

Suddenly, we felt like responsible adults…

Water, gas, electricity.. but what about internet connection? It is as important for us nerds as anything else. We are lucky enough to have great cable TV provider in the building. It was funny to sign contract with them only for the internet. They were surprised that we didn’t want TV signal as well.

Also, when I gave the electricians some technical drawings they kept asking, where would the TV be. Somehow it was impossible for them to understand that there would be no TV cable and no TV.

We just loathe TV channels and choose to watch our favorite shows and movies from DVD or internet.

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paperwork absolutely necessary

The machinery of buying our own place started. We went to some banks for a loan, we measured and photographed the apartment to estimate renovation cost.

At some point we were even happy that this place was a ruin. It was waiting for us to be adjusted to our needs entirely. Our best friend saw the pictures and called it “a nice crack den”. Our parents were terrified whether we would manage. At some point we learned that there is sooo much money going to be involved. Pre-agreement, notary, real estate agency commission, valuation expertise, mortgage setting, court confirmation. Then taxes, taxes and taxes.

I threw myself into designing the whole thing. Researching furniture, flooring, tiles, etc. Contacting contractors, consulting friends at work (there would be gas installation permit necessary).

We had tons of documents to prepare for banks. Expertises, IDs, accounts billings, certificates of earnings, tax copies, insurance info, you name it.

We were ready to start but then it occurred the owners were not.

Oh the stress.. The court stated the ownership to daughter from Paris. She had to prepare proper proxy documents for her ex-husband. She never intended to come here. We’ve waited around two-three months for her to go to notary, then to embassy, then to sworn translator. Her ex-husband never returned my calls, ladies from real estate agency were helpless. The deal was almost off, Parisienne wasn’t sure if she wanted to sell… It was our persistency that made it happen.

In the same time, banks weren’t eager to give us money. The times were rough. We tried some loans of our national currency and it didn’t work for us. Denials and lower amounts didn’t make us happy. The dream was going away and away.

June was better. We changed our banking manager to more serious guy. The window of Euro loan opened for us. That would mean much lower monthly payment and bigger loan amount. Come on, we needed much more money than just cost of the apartment! So we went for it and convinced the owners that they have to sell to us. There was no other way. 18th of June was the date of signing the pre-agreement papers at the notary’s office.

Then, 17th of July, five months after our felling in love, the bank called. We got the loan. Nobody was more happy than us that day, willing to bind ourselves for 30 years to mortgage payments.

17th of August, the final agreement paper were signed. I was more stressed than at our wedding. Like there was a way that the guy would change his mind in the last moment and just leave. I’d go Hulk on him.

19th we had the keys and two days later went for a vacation, as first contractors came in to our flat to rip all the electric wiring out of the walls and insert some new ones.

The process of renovation has started.

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