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grey area

Painting our bedroom was a in-between job. We were painting it while travelling back and forth to my mum’s house because it was too cold by night to sleep over at our place. By day it was sunny though and nice so the job took two layers in two days.

I longed for monochromatic bedroom for years. Grey walls, white furniture and linen. Everybody told us not to pick that darker grey tone from Dulux palette, but I wanted it dark for better contrast. And the room is quite big and bright (southern exposition) so it didn’t turn out too dark. I still need to put some stuff on the walls and new chandelier.

The background for the old radiator was left white for the contrast purpose. The steel still (sic!) had to wait for some silver paint and white pedestal. You can also see some heat gun testing on the door frame here.

We even mounted our new oak table to eat like normal people. But the bedroom window sill was our kitchen counter for a while.

As you can see there are no baseboards. We lived without them for half a year. Now they’re present, tall and white.

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shiny as dog’s balls*

Our wooden floors in bedrooms and the hallway had so many layers of ugly brownish paint on them, we didn’t expect much from them. It was hard to find contractor that would agree to this job. Nowadays they have expensive machines that are capable only of peeling of one old lacquer layer. Parquet in the living room seemed fine, but it was darker by the balcony door so we weren’t sure if it isn’t rotten.

At last we found an old guy with very old machine, that took very little money and scraped the shit out of those floors.

I turned out that the wood is awesome! Planks are high quality, thick pine wood. Some are quite wide and have interesting knots.

Then it was time for painting it with lacqer. And oh boy did it smell. But when we saw the result… The jaws were dropped.

Only the hallway planks were rotten near the bathroom, so we had them replaced and decided not to put lacquer on, but paint with some color so that no differences in wood color could be seen. We picked Tikkurila floor paint in 2107 color. Well, it was RAL 5007 actually. But the result isn’t pure 5007 and it also faded with time. Anyways, it is temporary solution before we manage to save some serious money for cement tiles.

*there is a saying in my country if something is sooo shiny.

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prepping kitchen for sanitary cooking

I would never use our “before” toilet and the same goes or the kitchen. It was time to rip everything off and give it some fresh walls, floor and ceiling.

“The Before” reminder:

I’ve already mentioned the stove removal, some plumbing work and windows replacement. Some of my posts give you the whole renovation process like in case of the entrance door or the toilet. The kitchen needs to be split into several posts though.

Our contractor had to put a lot of new plaster and gypsum cardboard layers in order to traghten and smooth thing up. Almost nothing was smooth and perpendicular there.

The tiles are (as everywhere else) white Grespania Finlandia Bianco wall tiles in glossy finish the floor tiles are NowaGala Signum in SG13 color. Those grey floor tiles are perfect for the kitchen tendency of getting dirty.

The wall backsplash works well in everyday use. Tiles are pure white and glossy, heavy scrubbing leaves no scratches. Also, big tiles means less joints. And they are hard to clean. Even my mom agreed with me on this idea and her new kitchen got 60x60cm tiles. Next step, one full glass plate :]

Those tiles in the corner turned out unnecessary. I’m not sure what was I thinking, it is the place for high fridge and nor would those tiles be seen nor cleaned very often.

I like my kitchens bright and clean so I had it painted white. The only place with color on the wall is the niche. You may remember from the archive post, that this part of our kitchen is the former servant room. The niche was probably for bed; it was 189cm long. I wanted it to have vivid color and be good background for white shelves. I found white IKEA LACK shelf that was190cm long so I asked our contractor to take off some old thick plaster and apply thin layer of new one so that the shelves would it in. There were supposed to be two of them but he did crappy job and the niche isn’t wide enough on its lower part. That’s why there’s only one shelf and it is a bit too high for me.

Well, renovation process never gives you perfect results. Sometimes you have to live with some bad decisions or contractor’s fails…

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