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turn the heat on

Our heating system was kinda hard to obtain. I’ve mentioned our first, cold night at our apartment and all the perturbations.

So the main delay was due to my contractors. They had something more important to do elsewhere and no angry phone call to their boss would help. He kept reassuring me that someone would eventually come by and finish the job.

Their subcontractors had it all done eventually. Chimney-sweep inserted special metal inlay into the chimney flue, and two others guys mounted our furnace. They had very little space to operate, because I wanted the furnace to be over the fridge, quite up high.

.First, we had some hot water, and then we had to wait for radiators to be delivered from the factory. Our ‘super’ contractors brought us the usual, ribbed radiators home. And again it was time for me to become a bad cop as I ordered plain ones. They were much more expensive and not in stock. But I fought for them. Still, these guys were meant to look good for our lifetime.


The good radiators came by two weeks later and they weren’t all good either. The supplier didn’t check that they come in only one side ribbed and one side plain. So it is important what side, left or right the valve is. The bedroom and living room radiators had valves on the good side, but the guest room and the kitchen didn’t fit. New guys were resourceful for the guestroom problem and knocked down more plaster, extended pipes, mounted new valves on the other side and it was ok. There was no room for adjustments in the kitchen though, so this is the only room with ribbed radiator. Well, it is only 60x60cm and isn’t very visible so I gave up on that.


But I’m very glad to pay some more money to get the plain finish. Radiators look really good.

In the end it turned out that I didn’t have to obtain the building permit design for the whole gas thing because nobody ever asked me to show it, nor did I have any inspection come by. Some things can be done guerilla style in my country. Well, but it was safer for me and less stressful to have all the tenants’ consent and county permit as well.

It was finally warm in our place and we could crawl out of the wardrobe


Well, when it comes to my husbands’ priorities, the sound system and CD’s on shelves are pretty important ;]

IMG_6101 (1)[4]

The place was warm and finally felt like home. We had a ready toilet, bathroom, bedroom, floors and it was time to furnish the kitchen.

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thank you Mario! but our princess is in another castle

Next, it was time for water drainage and new heating system. Our main plumber looked just like Mario. He was overweight, wore navy overalls and checkered shirt.

Plumbing network is tricky. There are two plumb-lines, in kitchen and bathroom. We found out that water pipes are lead. It is highly unhealthy to drink water from lead pipes, so coal filters were inserted near counters.

Pipe jungle required a lot of imagination. They replaced gas pipes, heating pipes, water pipes, sewage pipes. It all had to intertwine and fit my kitchen and bathroom design. Contractors did well, but it took them much too much time and I had to make angry phone calls to their boss.

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electricity, gas, water and of course the internet connection

When we arrived from our vacation, the walls had new electrical cables in.

When we bought the apartment, there was no power. Owner terminated the contract with current provider. Contractors broke the seal and launched the timer. The power was back on and we were ready to bring some more contractors.

I signed up new contracts with gas and current providers. Then I visited building administrators and signed a contract with them too. They take care of tenement maintenance and account for the costs of water, garbage collection and  staircase cleaning.

Suddenly, we felt like responsible adults…

Water, gas, electricity.. but what about internet connection? It is as important for us nerds as anything else. We are lucky enough to have great cable TV provider in the building. It was funny to sign contract with them only for the internet. They were surprised that we didn’t want TV signal as well.

Also, when I gave the electricians some technical drawings they kept asking, where would the TV be. Somehow it was impossible for them to understand that there would be no TV cable and no TV.

We just loathe TV channels and choose to watch our favorite shows and movies from DVD or internet.

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