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electricity, gas, water and of course the internet connection

When we arrived from our vacation, the walls had new electrical cables in.

When we bought the apartment, there was no power. Owner terminated the contract with current provider. Contractors broke the seal and launched the timer. The power was back on and we were ready to bring some more contractors.

I signed up new contracts with gas and current providers. Then I visited building administrators and signed a contract with them too. They take care of tenement maintenance and account for the costs of water, garbage collection and  staircase cleaning.

Suddenly, we felt like responsible adults…

Water, gas, electricity.. but what about internet connection? It is as important for us nerds as anything else. We are lucky enough to have great cable TV provider in the building. It was funny to sign contract with them only for the internet. They were surprised that we didn’t want TV signal as well.

Also, when I gave the electricians some technical drawings they kept asking, where would the TV be. Somehow it was impossible for them to understand that there would be no TV cable and no TV.

We just loathe TV channels and choose to watch our favorite shows and movies from DVD or internet.

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