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rubble gone

The other day, we ordered a 2,5 tons rubble container and my husband spent whole day taking old bricks and cement down in buckets. How did he survived that? How did he feel next day?


old furniture

Our first DYI was to do something with the furniture that was left behind in the apartment. Most of it was rubbish, but we kept this beautiful closet:

The rest was taken care of by the Demolition Man.

Taking everything downstairs to special rubble container took me, my husband and my sister one whole day at the end of which we didn’t know our names anymore. Now I would find some guys to help, but then we were stingy. We did what we could by ourselves.

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demolition inc.

The building had very innovative (for 1904) system of heating. Every apartment had a stove in the kitchen with big boiler inside, that would heat up the water in pipes. Hot water would go up in pipes, then down to radiators in rooms, then down to pipes that were placed in downstairs neighbors’ flat, then up to the boiler again.

Our place was one of the last to be heated by the stove. Most tenants in the building changed the heat source to gas furnaces that would also provide with hot water. Only one apartment uses retro radiators, the rest has modern ones. So we decided to demolish the stove and change heating system as well. We only left two of those big radiators as a decoration. New radiators are placed beneath windows.

We kept the steel door. It could be used someday if we decide to put a little fireplace in living room.

After demolition, the boiler looked like this:

We had some hobos take it downstairs. They probably sold it and got really drunk, good for them. They also took one of the radiators that we didn’t keep as it didn’t have decorations. It was so heavy that three men couldn’t lift it up! They had to cut it in four parts.

Another demolition was the bathroom shower and the wall that someone built where there were door to wardrobe. We had a lot of rubble laying around the place everywhere.

Pictures don’t show the real amount of it. Taking it downstairs was truly laborious…

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