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do they look like alien’s head to you?

I had done a lot of research before buying stuff for my house. On the one hand I was limited by the budget, on the other hand I kept saying to myself, “ it is not good to buy crappy, temporary things”. Bathroom and kitchen appliances have to be top notch.

Also, I had this environmental and professional pressure on me to make my place my v-card. Hence, every room must have at least one designer thing in it.

The smallest room in our place is the toilet. I like it separated from the bathroom, never wanted to join these two. It is really tiny. Not for obese people. It had to contain a little washbasin, and I found very cheap one, tiniest there is I guess.. The toilet is also inexpensive. We liked the simple shape of it and short length.

What designer object would fit in? Faucet of course!

Normally, faucets are dull objects. The typical control lever is somehow obvious and trite. The one I picked though isn’t as obvious to use and that’s why I love it.

In order to get some water one has to pull the upper cylinder part. Rotating it changes temperature. I like the cleanliness of the design and somehow it reminds me of the Ridley Scott’s Alien’s head.

There is also available version with bidetta hand shower, that I purchased for the bathroom. I thought I would wash my hair in the washbasin, but it occurred incommodious. I wish I could switch them now’; get bidetta in the toilet and regular faucet in the bathroom. Unfortunately it isn’t possible cause they don’t have flexible pipes.

Well, never mind, what the hell.. It is Alessi :) You can check the designer’s website here

The funniest thing is that every time somebody new comes to our home, we have to instruct him/her how to get some water.

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