is it rendered?

There are some toilets in the world, that you wouldn’t use even if you really had to. The ones that scare off with smell, spider webs, feces, killer-zombie-bacteria. We had one of those.

Works started with removing everything and bricking up the window to lightwell. We didn’t need the view to old plaster and pigeon shit. Then, the plumbing. Sanitary installation frame is by Grohe. Our contractors weren’t glad that we tossed the old toilet bowl away. They had to pee in this PVC tube instead. I figured, what the hell, it is still better than that sickening thing.

Next it was time to put some gypsum cardboard to cover up the substructure and some plaster deficiencies.

I’ve decided to use the same tiles in bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Some wondered why so dull, but it was obvious for me. Paradoxically I have a tendency to easily get bored with interior finishes, so if something will be there for a long time, it should be ultra minimalistic and adaptive to changes. I rearrange furniture, change textiles and all the shit’n’stuff every half a month. I’d repaint every year if it was possible. Tiles stay on walls and floors for a long time. They should have great endurance and be great background for every color I see fit.

So I ended up with Grespania Finlandia Bianco wall tiles and floor tiles by NowaGala Signum in dark grey SG13 color. They both come in 30x60cm size. White tile is super glossy and very hard to cut. I don’t regret any penny spent on them. Smaller sizes would make the toilet look bigger, but with my cleaning OCD tendencies, I figured, the less joints, the easier to clean. And these Grespanias are  really easy to clean. Nonetheless, if there is are any water stains, they are not so much visible, so I don’t have to take care of them for a long time. Floor tiles, are also great for non-cleaners. You can’t see any dirt on them, they have this heterogeneous texture of stone.

As you can see on the picture, we had the actuation plate mounted on top of the frame. There’s a little shelf, which stands empty now. I was thinking about some Zamioculcas plant there, as it doesn’t require any natural light.

The room is really tiny (0,68 square meters), but I didn’t want to join it with the bathroom. It is common that our family members barricade themselves in the bathroom, put on make-up, take very long showers. Separate toilet is a good choice. It had to have a little washbasin, so I found the smallest one there exists. It is some no-name from local building market. Ceramics isn’t top quality but it came with a little cupboard or toilet paper and other sanitary stuff. I may change it some day to something different.

I already mentioned the faucet, that stars in this motion picture. It is Il Bagno Alessi by Oras and it is worth its price. I love it.

And this is the final result:

When my friends a work saw this picture they asked whether was it a picture or an architectural visualization. It made me laugh so hard. Then I showed him this picture…

… and they were like “wow girl, respect”.

We are not at all scared of our toilet. It was the first “room” to be finished and gave us a lot motivation for future battles.

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One thought on “is it rendered?

  1. KaylaM says:

    That is one scary toilet! Def not one I would want to meet in the middle of the night… or maybe the light of day… Great job guys!!

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