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My professional curiosity has no boundaries. As every active architect I need to see drawings, analyze things, check how stuff is done. So I used my way inns to get some archive blueprints from city archive.

As usual, I came prepared. Said I was a student making a project, they had my info in their database (I was frequent there as a student). They gave me huge briefcase with documents concerning all the buildings in the street and I dived in.

What I found out is that in our kitchen there was a room for service. Hence the smaller window with lower windowsill and different floor tiling. Imagine some poor lady sleeping there…


There is a difference around bathroom. Previous owners moved the living room door and extended the bathroom wall so it would be bigger (not just for a bathtub). Two windows in the bathroom were bricked up. Also, two doors were bricked up in our place. The one from wardrobe to hallway and between northern rooms. But I think it is ok for furnishing purposes.



And that is another drawing of my building. Imagine some red brick, art deco details.. Even some nice, decorative woodwork in dormer. Oh and our place is 3,35 meters high.

I went downstairs to see my neighbors’ flat without those changes and didn’t like it very much. I like the axis that we now have from kitchen to living room, when the door is moved.

The whole place is now separated into two zones. Day and night. We removed doors from frames in the kitchen and living room, giving more spatial feeling to day zone. Also, it is awesome to run back and forth.

Another nice thing is the wardrobe. As I mentioned, previous owners were fighting, putting locks into doors. They also bricked up the entrance to wardrobe from southern room. We demolished it and now we can run around. (We do run a lot, our downstairs neighbors don’t complain though.)

We assigned to us the southern room as our bedroom. It is better that way as it is always cold there in the winter. Our building is deeper that adjacent tenement and that room’s wall is a little bit too thin to keep proper temperature. The northern room however is perfectly warm. It would make a great nursery some day :)

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