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bedroom walls

Every room had old plaster on walls. Sometimes it would fell off, there were also new electricity cables that had to be put underneath the plaster. So we had to apply some smooth finishes. Our contractor, Jack, put the gypsum, smoothed it and polished it up after drying up.

He put little steel frames at the edges. Old plaster was really warped and edges were rounded.

The room was ready for painting.

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thank you Mario! but our princess is in another castle

Next, it was time for water drainage and new heating system. Our main plumber looked just like Mario. He was overweight, wore navy overalls and checkered shirt.

Plumbing network is tricky. There are two plumb-lines, in kitchen and bathroom. We found out that water pipes are lead. It is highly unhealthy to drink water from lead pipes, so coal filters were inserted near counters.

Pipe jungle required a lot of imagination. They replaced gas pipes, heating pipes, water pipes, sewage pipes. It all had to intertwine and fit my kitchen and bathroom design. Contractors did well, but it took them much too much time and I had to make angry phone calls to their boss.

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windows 2.0

The renovation budget wasn’t very high. We’ve decided to put all new sanitary installations and electricity network and then renovate kitchen, bathroom, toilet and one room (southern bedroom) so that we could move in.

For a brief moment I was considering renovating old windows from the north, street side, but they were in terrible shape, totally untight.

So first comes first, we replaced windows form the south side, facing the big, communal yard.

It was the first time when I had to awake a bad cop in me, because in my windows order I stated “white windowsills” but they brought me fake white marble. I hate when plastic looks like stone. It is untrue. So I made a few angry calls and crisp white windowsill came home the next day.

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